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Screencast: Autosave

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Now when editing a Lyric in Lilac Writer, your lyric is automatically saved every 30 seconds. This short screencast shows the autosave feature in action.


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New in Lilac Writer: Autosave for Lyrics!

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As you edit your lyric, Lilac Writer will automatically save your work every 30 seconds. This new feature just works silently in the background.

Autosave will help you avoid loss of work if you lose your connection, power off without saving or something glitches on your computer. When you log back into Lilac Writer, your work will be recovered to the last autosave as if nothing went wrong!

Even if you have your lyric shared with 5 members of your band, autosave protects each writer with 30 second saves.

You can see the time of the last autosave in the time display in the upper right as edit any lyric.

Autosave is another step toward making Lilac Writer the songwriting and collaboration tool of choice by more songwriters everyday!


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