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Interview with Lilac Writer User Al Oomens

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Al Oomens is a songwriter, guitarist and Lilac Writer user. We recently took the opportunity to talk to Al about his music and his approach to songwriting. This is an excerpt. Read the full interview online at LilacWriter.com.

Lilac Writer (LW): How did you get started with music and songwriting?

Al Oomens (Al): My mother got me started playing guitar. When I was about 10 or 12, she suddenly announced that she was going to learn to play guitar, and bought an acoustic guitar. Now that I think of it, I don't remember her ever actually playing it though. She left it around the house in conspicuous places, and eventually I picked it up and started playing with it and then started taking lessons. She never said so, and passed away several years ago, but looking back I'm pretty sure that's what she had in mind all along.

LW: Tell me about your songwriting process. How does a song go from the idea stage to become a finished recording?

Al: For songs with lyrics, I almost always complete the lyrics before even thinking about any music. To me the lyrics are the most important part of the song. I want the lyrics to be able to stand on their own. If I can create lyrics that have a "rhythm" and "melody" in themselves, then it will be that much stronger when put to music. I am also always writing pieces of music. When I have completed lyrics, sometimes I find that they work well with some music that I have already written. Other times I write the music to fit the lyrics. Once I'm satisfied with the song and the arrangement, I start recording.

LW: How does Lilac Writer fit into your songwriting process?

Al: I have bits and pieces of lyrics and ideas around all the time. With Lilac Writer I can just jot down an idea or part of a lyric wherever I am. I can log in anywhere I can get an internet connection. I don't have to worry about copying files, or syncing or anything like that. Everything is in one place. I find myself doing things online (in the cloud, so to speak) more and more these days, and have been using a Google ChromeOS Laptop (which is completely web based) which allows me to access the internet from anywhere. Lilac Writer is perfect for this, being a web based app.

Read the full interview with Al here:

Listen to samples of Al Oomens' music at http://www.aloomens.com.

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