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Ideas Tab Now Supports Markdown!

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We have just rolled out a great new feature for the Ideas Tab in Lilac Writer! You can now format your text using Markdown formatting within the text. After you save, you will see your text displayed with headers, bold, italics, and other special formatting.

Markdown is easy to read and easy to learn. It is very, very popular with writers who want to stay focused on the words. We hope to roll this out for Lyrics very soon as well.

Here are basics:


# Header Level 1 (HTML H1 tag)
## Header Level 2 (HTML H2 tag)
### Header Level 3 (HTML H3 tag)

Bullet Lists

* Create a bullet list with asterisks
* Next List item
* More list items
* A list must have a blank line before and after

Numbered Lists

1. Create a numeric list like this
2. Just start the line with a number and period
3. Include a space before your item text
4. Leave a blank line before and after your list


Use two spaces at the end of each line for line breaks to the next line.

Add two spacesĀ 
at the end of each line
to create a
linebreak like this!

To learn more about the Markdown syntax, please visit the Markdown page by John Gruber.

New video: Looking Up Rhymes in Lilac Writer

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We have just updated our tutorial video on Rhyme look up in Lilac Writer. The rhyming dictionary has been completely rewritten since the original video came out. In this tutorial, we quickly cover how to use the rhyming look-up features then go into how to use the results to improve your songwriting. We cover perfect rhyme and all the forms of near rhyme. Lilac Writer has unique features for finding near rhymes and displaying the result ordered by sonic connection. This allows you to pick the level of connectedness to match the emotion and meaning of your song.

Lilac Writer automatically finds the following types of rhyme:
- Perfect Rhyme
- Family Rhyme
- Additive Rhyme
- Subtractive Rhyme
- Consonance Rhyme
- Assonance Rhyme


Lilac Writer Update Blog - March

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This new YouTube video highlights several enhancements to Lilac Writer that have been rolled out in recent months:

* Simplified lyric project creation
* Selecting a default tag for your lyric list
* Two new color themes
* Resources on the Lilac Writer website

We have covered these in blog posts but sometimes it is easier to just watch the demo.

(5 minutes view time)

Happy Holidays from Lilac Writer

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As the end of 2009 approaches, we would like to thank all the users who have participated in the launch and on-going testing of Lilac Writer. The Lilac community has grown from two users at the beginning of the year to the hundreds of songwriters we have now just a few months later.

We have a couple of gifts for you this holiday season. Two new features that we hope you enjoy!

First the stocking stuffer. We have added two new color themes - Juicy and Tuxedo. One is bright and colorful the other is formal. They are both easy to find on the Settings screen.

The big gift is the new Thesaurus! This is the most requested feature since the Rhyming Dictionary. The Thesaurus look up has its own link on the Sidebar. This is an essential songwriting tool and we are pleased to bring this resource right into your lyric projects!

In 2009, hundreds of songwriters have started and written 1000's of new songs using Lilac Writer. We expect 2010 to be a big year for Lilac Writer. We hope to continue to help you write more and better songs.

Happy Holidays from the Lilac Writer Team

New Feature - Manage My To-do Categories

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You can now manage the To-do list categories from the settings page.

As you use the To-do feature, you will create your favorite categories, but you will likely wind up with some categories that you don't use. You might also think of a better name for a category as your system evolves.

Now, you can easily rename or delete categories directly from the Settings page. The settings page is on click away from any screen in Lilac Writer at the top right of the page (right near the Help link).

You will find the link to "Manage My To-do Categories" right there on the settings page.

From there you can just click the Trash icon to delete or click the link to rename any of the To-do Categories.

If you haven't given the To-do lists a try, take a look! Some of us use the To-do lists to organize all kinds of projects not just lyrics. If you feel to distracted to write your lyrics, open a new lyric and put all your random To-do items in the To-do list section. You can use categories to organize them like Shopping List, Calls, Today, Someday, etc. Maybe after you get all the random thoughts out of your head, you can focus on your songwriting.

We hear from users that use Lilac Writer for all kinds of projects: GTD systems, home improvements, journals, interviews, school group projects and production coordination. If you use Lilac Writer in a cool way for something other than non-songwriting, please let us know!

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