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Three New Pro Tools Tips on Multitrack Drum Loops

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For songwriters, using drum loops in your demos can give you home recordings a solid professional sound. Stereo loops are a great way to work because you can just arrange the parts on a single track in your recording software. 

There is a point where you might want to use multitrack drum loops to be able to tailor your sound to the genre or just better match the song. This flexibilty is great but the complexity of your project increases. You will need more setup and a few more tricks when using multitrack drums verses stereo drum loops. If you are in the early stage of songwriting, I would suggest staying with stereo loops.

But if you really want the control or perhaps you plan to send your project off to an professional mixer, then it might make sense to learn how it's done. Here are the first two Pro Tools tips videos using multitrack drum loops. Much of this would apply any drum project recorded with live multitrack drums.

When I say multitrack drums, I am talking about drums recorded by a live drummer with a several microphones. Drums are often recorded with a dozen or more mics to 10 or more recorded channels. Because of this, drums offer a unique challenge in any recording project. 


Pro Tools Tips 08

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We have just added episode 08 to our series on Pro Tools tips. If you are using Pro Tools 8 for recording your songs and demos, then you might find these workflow tips helpful.

If you are using other recording software or have specific questions on recording, let us know and we will see about answering those in future recording tips episodes. Using recording technology is a fact of life for most songwriters. We want to make it as easy as possible to use the tools efficently so you can focus on writing.

(under 4 minutes)

Pro Tools Tips 07: Editing to a Drum Groove - Part B

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The second half of Tip 7. We continue working on the guitar parts and the intro, editing to the drum groove. Sometimes this sort of edting is quicker than using advanced features like elastic audio and there is little degredation of the audio quality.

Pro Tools Tips 06: Creating a Drum Part from Loops

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This time we assemble a drum part to match an instrumental groove. We use Elastic Audio on the track to make the drum part match the project tempo.

Pro Tools Tutorial Screencast

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We have recorded a series of screencasts for YouTube with tips on editing in Pro Tools 8. This came about from direct discussion with Lilac Writer users. Sometimes the tech gets in the way of creativity. Sure it's great to have someone engineer your demos. However, much of the time songwriters need to be their own engineers.

We are not necessarily recommending Pro Tools to Lilac Writer users. There are many other affordable recording systems available today. We happen to know that many Lilac Writer users are using Pro Tools 8 for songwriting, and demo work. We thought a series on editing tips directed toward songwriters would be a good place to start. Give us some feedback and suggestions for future tips for Pro Tools or other recording software.

We want to encourage to write more and better lyrics, but to get those lyric out to the world, you need to record!

All of the Pro Tools 8 tip series videos are available on our YouTube channel:


You will also find the full series of Lilac Writer tutorials there as well. We post new content frequently its a good idea to subscribe to our YouTube channel and Twitter.com/lilacwriter is you don't want to miss the new stuff!

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