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Lilac Writer on the New Apple iPad!

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We couldn't wait to get our hands on an iPad to try out Lilac Writer. After spending the first weekend with the iPad, we think this device will be very popular with songwriters and musicians. Since Lilac Writer is a web app, it is perfectly suit to the built in Safari browser.

In this video, Bill gives you a first look at using Lilac Writer on the iPad including sending new song ideas to your Lilac Account from email.

Lilac Writer Recording Tips: Presonus Studio One Tempo Matching

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This tutorial is the very first using Presonus Studio One. I have been evaluating Studio One Pro since it became available in beta. I think it will be interesting to songwriters recording on their own. It has more capability than Garage Band but less complexity than Logic or Pro Tools. I am always on the lookout for tools to help songwriters who are often working alone on demos

Currently Studio one is at release 1.0.3 which is pretty early for me to recommend recording software. It runs on both Mac and Windows.

This first screencast will give you flavor of Studio One. This is not a recommendation however. Presonus has the version 1.5 upgrade coming out at Musikmesse in just a few days.


New video: Looking Up Rhymes in Lilac Writer

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We have just updated our tutorial video on Rhyme look up in Lilac Writer. The rhyming dictionary has been completely rewritten since the original video came out. In this tutorial, we quickly cover how to use the rhyming look-up features then go into how to use the results to improve your songwriting. We cover perfect rhyme and all the forms of near rhyme. Lilac Writer has unique features for finding near rhymes and displaying the result ordered by sonic connection. This allows you to pick the level of connectedness to match the emotion and meaning of your song.

Lilac Writer automatically finds the following types of rhyme:
- Perfect Rhyme
- Family Rhyme
- Additive Rhyme
- Subtractive Rhyme
- Consonance Rhyme
- Assonance Rhyme


Lilac Writer Update Blog - March

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This new YouTube video highlights several enhancements to Lilac Writer that have been rolled out in recent months:

* Simplified lyric project creation
* Selecting a default tag for your lyric list
* Two new color themes
* Resources on the Lilac Writer website

We have covered these in blog posts but sometimes it is easier to just watch the demo.

(5 minutes view time)

Pro Tools Tips 08

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We have just added episode 08 to our series on Pro Tools tips. If you are using Pro Tools 8 for recording your songs and demos, then you might find these workflow tips helpful.

If you are using other recording software or have specific questions on recording, let us know and we will see about answering those in future recording tips episodes. Using recording technology is a fact of life for most songwriters. We want to make it as easy as possible to use the tools efficently so you can focus on writing.

(under 4 minutes)

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