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February Album Writing Month

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As February approaches, many Lilac Writer users are getting ready for February Album Writing Month (FAWM). If you aren't familiar with FAWM, you can get the details at fawm.org. The challenge is simple however - writing 14 songs in 28 days.

Lilac Writer is a great tool to organize your FAWM lyrics or collaborate with other "fawmers." During January, we have had a great number of new users sign up getting ready for February.

To do our part, we have made some adjustments to our pricing plans. Even though we haven't officially kicked off the subscriptions, we want to make sure you have enough room for all of your songs. The free accounts will now support 100 songs (up from 10). In addition, free accounts will let you invite up to 5 collaborators per song.

To see the details, check out the revised Pricing and Plans page:


If you need a song writing challenge to re-activate your creativity, consider signing up for February Album Songwriting Month:


Happy Songwriting!

The Lilac Writer Team

Lilac Writer on the New Apple iPad!

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We couldn't wait to get our hands on an iPad to try out Lilac Writer. After spending the first weekend with the iPad, we think this device will be very popular with songwriters and musicians. Since Lilac Writer is a web app, it is perfectly suit to the built in Safari browser.

In this video, Bill gives you a first look at using Lilac Writer on the iPad including sending new song ideas to your Lilac Account from email.

Fun With Studio One

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The second screencast feature Presonus Studio One. In this video, I use some tracks I had lying around and play with Studio One editing to add some drums and organize section of a blues tune to get ready to add some more ideas to it. In process you can see how to get around in Studio One, use stock loops matched to the project tempo, and do some basic editing.


Artist Interview with Country Songwriter Eric Edstrom

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This is an interview with country songwriter Eric Edstrom. I talked to him about his songwriting process and how he uses Lilac Writer along with several generations of recorded demos to complete songs from idea to finished Nashville demo.


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