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This is my carefully compiled list of free plug-ins. These are mostly professionally developed, cross-platform, and useful! I was saving this for a possible series on this very topic, but here it is from my research notes:

Flux Stereo Tool (essential stereo panning control for every S1 user)

Flux Bitter Sweet (very cool transient manipulator)

iZotope Vinyl (add some vinyl pops and clicks to your track)

Voxengo Tempo Delay (one of many cool, free plug-ins from Voxengo)

Audio Damage: Rough Rider, Pulse Modulator and FuzzPluss

Elysia Niveau Filter (the filter section of mpressor... automate this!)

Anwidasoft DX Reverb Light (nice reverb)

Camel Crusher (I can't believe it's free)

Luxonix LFX-1310 Multi effects (another great free effect)

Martin Eastwood MVerb (another nice free reverb)

Brainworx (Brainworx makes some of the best mastering plug-ins for stereo, mid-side manipulation these free plugs are great if you know how to apply them)
bx_solo, bx_cleansweep, TT Dynamic Range Meter

Studio Devil British Valve Custom (Terrific free Marshall amp simulator, extremely usable)

Ohm Force Fromage (resonant filter)

ValhallaFreqEcho - psychedelic delay, flange and chorus

Melda Media MNotpad

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