Ideas Tab Now Supports Markdown!

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We have just rolled out a great new feature for the Ideas Tab in Lilac Writer! You can now format your text using Markdown formatting within the text. After you save, you will see your text displayed with headers, bold, italics, and other special formatting.

Markdown is easy to read and easy to learn. It is very, very popular with writers who want to stay focused on the words. We hope to roll this out for Lyrics very soon as well.

Here are basics:


# Header Level 1 (HTML H1 tag)
## Header Level 2 (HTML H2 tag)
### Header Level 3 (HTML H3 tag)

Bullet Lists

* Create a bullet list with asterisks
* Next List item
* More list items
* A list must have a blank line before and after

Numbered Lists

1. Create a numeric list like this
2. Just start the line with a number and period
3. Include a space before your item text
4. Leave a blank line before and after your list


Use two spaces at the end of each line for line breaks to the next line.

Add two spacesĀ 
at the end of each line
to create a
linebreak like this!

To learn more about the Markdown syntax, please visit the Markdown page by John Gruber.

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  1. Hayley Nellise Says:
    Nov 22, 2012 at 3:09 PM I like your website. It really encourages me to keep on writing.

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