New video: Looking Up Rhymes in Lilac Writer

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We have just updated our tutorial video on Rhyme look up in Lilac Writer. The rhyming dictionary has been completely rewritten since the original video came out. In this tutorial, we quickly cover how to use the rhyming look-up features then go into how to use the results to improve your songwriting. We cover perfect rhyme and all the forms of near rhyme. Lilac Writer has unique features for finding near rhymes and displaying the result ordered by sonic connection. This allows you to pick the level of connectedness to match the emotion and meaning of your song.

Lilac Writer automatically finds the following types of rhyme:
- Perfect Rhyme
- Family Rhyme
- Additive Rhyme
- Subtractive Rhyme
- Consonance Rhyme
- Assonance Rhyme

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