So Lilac Writer is in Beta testing... but how do I backup my data?

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Lilac Writer is updated almost everyday. We try to make this as transparent as possible but the truth is that as new features are turned on, unexpected things happen from time to time. We never want you to be stuck without access to your lyrics or feel your lyrics are stuck in Lilac Writer. We have made it very easy for you to copy all your lyrics and lyric projects in a format that easily used in your other programs or just as a safety copy.

The "Home" screen of Lilac Writer is the main lyrics tab.  This is the view when you first log in and where you return when not working on a lyric.

The Settings tab currently has options to reset you password or print your entire catalog of lyrics.

The "Print all Lyrics" option will open a new browsers page or tab with a cleanly formatted document of all your lyrics. To backup from this view, you have a couple of options.

Option 1. Print the lyric using your browser's Print function

Option 2. Use your browsers Save Page As function. Give the file a recognizable name like LilacWriterBackup.html.

Option 3. Click on the browser page showing all the lyrics then use the copy key command (Command-C Mac or Ctrl-C PC). Open your word processing program and paste the lyric into a blank document and save.

The difference between "Print all Lyrics" and "Print all Lyrics, Ideas, Tags..." is very simple.  The second option includes all of the lyrics plus all of the background and supporting information.  These print features give you a nice way to print your entire catalog to an html file that you can save or paste into any other word processing program you might have.  You could even paste it into an email message and send it to yourself!

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