Songwriting - Where to find some excellent drum loops for your songs

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We were happy to see one of our Pro Tools tips series videos wind up on the front page of the Total Control Audio (TCA) website! We featured one of the TCA loops on YouTube and they picked up on that!

We use TCA loops because they sound great and are well organized. This natural acoustic content is really outstanding and perfect for use by singer/songwriters. The drum parts by drummer Ron Wikso are extremely well played and recorded.

I use the stereo loops for speed and flexibility but if you needed to take your song into full mix situation, the complete multitrack drum parts are right there too.

Check it out:

Total Control Audio

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  1. Art Says:
    Feb 17, 2010 at 9:44 AM Hey Guys,

    We appreciate the nice comments about our Total Control Audio loops. We love the work you're doing too!


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