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My new video series is out! Studio One 2 Explained

Since early 2010, Presonus Studio One Pro has been my go-to software for recording and music production. I got started with Studio One because I was looking for something that had great sound quality along with a fast and easy workflow. Sometimes modern pro audio software gets so technical it is hard to stay in the creative zone when writing, composing or mixing. To me Studio One version 1 was refreshing in the way the the features were presented and the simplified workflow. Another big selling point for me was fully cross platform and 64-bit capable.

In 2010, I worked with Groove 3 to release two volumes of video training for Studio One. Studio One Explained and Studio One Advanced provided comprehensive coverage of up to verion 1.6 of the software. Since then, I have produced several other video training titles but those have been very popular because the number of Studio One users has expoded over the past year.

In November 2011, Presonus released Studio One 2 which added signifant new features to the product. The most celebrated is a deep integration of Melodyne into the editing workflow. This industry leading feature provides the very best pitch editing cabablity in the world as a feature of Studio One. This along with the new Audio Bend functions for editing and correcting timing, comping tools, and updated user interface and hundreds of other enhancements has brought another wave of new users who are switching to Studio One or taking a second look.

With all the new features, I felt it was time to update Studio One Explained to cover all the new features. The entire series was completely rewritten and shot with entirely new video. Like the orginal, it covers music creation workflow end to end highlighting the new features.

There are 57 video tutorials that span over 6 hours of training. You can check out the entire outline on the Groove 3 website:

It is available for download, on DVD or Streaming directly from

If you watch it, let me know what you think!

I am already working on another series that goes even deeper into Studio One 2 features and applications... stay tuned!

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