Studio One 2: New Ampire XT Stomps Effects!

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There many big new features in Studio One 2 that are getting a lot of attention. But sometimes it's the small feature that opens up new creative opportunities. For example, the Ampire guitar amp simulator gained new amp models and cabinets and a set of eight new stomp box effects. Of course you can use those stomp pedals to design some awesome guitar tones but what I find interesting is that you can bypass the Ampire amp and cab modules entirely. Ampire XT includes the following stomp effects: Wah Wah, Tube Driver, EQuilizer, Modulation, Pan, Tremolo, Delay and Reverb. If you bypass the amp model and the speaker cab then you can use these effects for mixing any kind of track not just guitar. For example modulation makes for a great chorusing effect as a vocal insert, the Pan auto panner works great on synth lines and Tube Driver is cool for roughing up the drum loops or the drum bus. I have even experimented using Delay as a master send effect on lead vocals. At first glance it looks like Ampire gives us so new options for guitar tone, but if you look closer, PreSonus has slipped in eight new effects we can use to add all kinds of interesting details to any aspect of the mix.

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  1. Tenz Says:
    Jun 24, 2013 at 10:45 PM id just like to subscribe in order to get any insight, lil tricks, and just anything having to do eith the studio one artist 2.5 that came with the persons 16.0.2.. I have the ableton software but am weary of even opening it nut think i will just to get some tones for my midi keyboard,akai max49, and I'm sure much more. and if there are any installations i can get to adapt to my studio one.

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