Studio One Tricks: Track to Track Bounce Trick (Firestudio SPDIF Loopback)

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If you ever wanted to record the output of a track or bus onto another track then you will find this trick interesting. You can't normally do this in S1 but with a Firestudio and a bit of creative routing, you actually can. First you need a SPDIF input and output and an RCA to RCA cable. This will work for FS, FSM and FSP units because they have SPDIF I/O. Warning! Don't do this if you don't understand the routing. You could create a feedback loop if you route this incorrectly.

1. First close everything and open UC. Make sure that the UC mix for the SPDIF out is disabled:

2. Preferably with your Firestudio turned off, connect SPDIF Out to In with an RCA to RCA digital cable. This wire is your new Bounce bus!

3. Now back to your S1 Song Setup. Configure stereo "BOUNCE" outputs and inputs using the SPDIF loop back. Make it your default if you want.

4. Now you are ready to bounce something! Create a new track and set the input to BOUNCE. On the source track set the output to BOUNCE.

5. Rewind and hit record:

With the Export Stems feature of S1 this type of routing is not really necessary. But if you came from other systems where you can record internally, then it is comforting to have the option.

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