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Songwriting is more than a hobby, it's a way of life.

Lilac Writer team asks users.. about their projects, their passions, and how they use Lilac Writer.

   Al Oomens, Songwriter/Guitarist
from Chicago, IL

"Lilac Writer has probably the best rhyming dictionary that I have seen, including many different types of rhymes. And, it's right there, in the same program, if you need it."
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   Phil Bearce Interviews Phil Bearce, Singer/Songwriter
from The Bay Area, CA

"The best part (so far) is that I don't have to keep my songs and parts of songs in my little flash drive anymore. Napkins were replaced by the flash drive and Lilac Writer will replace the flash drive."
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   Megan Wolery, Aspiring Singer/Songwriter
from Lima, OH

"...with Lilac Writer, I can start a song, throw some ideas in there, have a rhyming dictionary and finish a song very quickly. Everything is organized and it's so easy to use. I love it!"
Megan Wolery Interviews   
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   Tam Lin Interviews Tam Lin, Singer/Songwriter
from New York, NY

"It's a really great service you provide for songwriters to help them stay organized, and I think it will help many people to get over their fears of not being inspired -- not to mention that it will help make collaborations easier. "
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   Eric Edstrom, Country Songwriter
from Wisconsin

" When I start a new song, I usually have Lilac Writer open and a guitar on my knee."
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