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Introducing Lilac Writer
Who uses Lilac Writer?
Collect Resources & Write Lyrics
Improve your Writing
Stay Focused
Organize with Tags
Collaborate with Co-writers
Upload Demos
Get Organized
Match your Mood
Be creative... and possibility is endless.

Lilac Writer brings all these things together.
  • a Lyric tab to compose lyrics

  • Ideas for object writing, notes or other free writing

  • a Rhymes tab to build a rhyme worksheet or look up rhymes

  • To-dos to keep track of what's next for this song

  • Files to upload related mp3s

  • Tags to organize lyrics

  • Sharing to invite others to collaborate

  • Comments to communicate with collaborators

  • Revisions to keep track of changes

Watch this short video to learn how you can collect every element of songwriting into a single workplace using Lilac Writer.

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