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Lilac Writer's lyric editor allows you to stay focused

Lilac Writer's simple but powerful editor allows you to stay focused on your main objective: songwriting.
  • There are minimal text formatting options so you can stay focused on creative writing
  • The default formatting is based on a proven approach to formatting for submission to publishers.
  • There is a monospace option if you need to align chords and lyrics using the spacebar
  • Lilac Writer is about helping you create, if you need fancy formatting, you can always paste the lyric into Pages or Word
Adding remarks to lyrics

You can embed remarks in a line surrounded by square brackets [ like this ]. Remarks are hidden when you print - unless you want to print them. The remarks allow you to take lines out when trying out different ideas.

This hidden remark feature can be used for chord lines so the lyric can be printed with or without chords. Remarks could be a reminder for re-write ideas or a line you are saving but not using. You might also add remarks to outline the sections of the lyric.

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