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Who uses Lilac Writer?
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So who uses Lilac Writer?

"This is about songwriting, not software.
Write more lyrics.  Write better lyrics.
Don't lose your best ideas."
  • Professional Songwriters - To manage their catalog of songs. Automatically keeps track of revisions and rewrites. Collaborate with musicians and co-writers. Analyze hit songs.

  • Singer/Songwriters - Organize songs and title ideas, create lyric sheets for live performance, stay in the zone when writing lyrics.

  • Songwriting Students - Object writing, creating rhyme worksheets, inline comments for stress pattern analysis, stay organized, analyze songs.

  • Performing Artists - Manage chord sheets for your repertoire, collaborate with songwriters, capture song ideas, organized cover material, organize your life with GTD.

  • Bands - Collaborate on songs, distance collaboration, use Actions to coordinate the recording processes, make lyric sheets for live performance.

  • Worship team leaders - Writing lyrics for special events, creating lyric sheets for worship team members.

  • Music instructors - Collaborating and coaching with students analyzing lyrics, organizing songs examples by topic, genre, influence. Original songwriting.

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